Face & Upper Body Thread Veins / Blood Spots

Advanced, aesthetic electrolysis treats and reduces blood spots, facial and upper body  thread veins to give a visible improvement to the appearance of the area. Electrolysis (using diathermy & electrocoagulation) has been used since
the early 1900’s to treat this vast array of blemishes.  
Tina has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience and has been treating these blemishes since 1997.

Blood Spots
(Campbell de Morgans/Cherry Angiomas)

These are bright red vascular blemishes which lie just under the surface of the skin. They are dome shaped or slightly raised and are frequently found on the midriff, back or front but also on the face.  Most people aged over 30 have at least one and they are even more common in men than women. some people have dozens. They are usually approximately 2mm in size but can be smaller or as large as a thumb nail.  The larger they become the more raised from the surface of the skin they appear.

Spider Naevi
(Telangiectasia Angioma)

These are centrally dilated blood vessels with smaller capillaries radiating from the body. They can be found in isolation or develop together on areas such as the cheeks. They often develop in adult life but children can be prone to them through play/sporting injuries.

Facial Thread Veins

Thread veins are extremely common and mostly affect the cheekbones, lower cheeks & around the nose. They are not actually broken capillaries but rather permanently dilated capillaries.  They have very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict and as we age, these vessels lose their elasticity, can become permanently dilated and therefore noticeable to the naked eye.

Treatment of Facial Thread Veins
up to 15m £75.00

(Ideal for smaller areas, for example up to a 10p size area on each cheek or around the nose/nostrils)

Treatment of Facial Thread Veins
up to 30m £125.00

(Suitable for larger areas of scattered vessels over face)

What are Cosmetic Blemish Treatments?

They are advanced aesthetic treatments which treat and reduce unwanted
vascular & fibrous blemishes from the face & upper body.

Why have I got these blemishes?

Over the years we have dealt with hundreds of clients including ultra-healthy, non-smoking, teetotal with absolutely no health complaints and yet it’s still a very rare person who doesn’t have at least one of these vascular blemishes.
It is important to keep in mind that most of these vascular blemishes are caused by natural dilation and contraction of the tiny blood capillaries just under the skin. Over time the capillary walls weaken, leaving them permanently dilated and noticeable under the skin.

Other elements that can speed the weakening of the capillary walls can include:

Ageing, Alcohol, Air Conditioning, Allergies, Blowing the Nose, Birth Marks, Central Heating, Childbirth, Circulatory Disorders, Constipation, Diabetes, Diet, Exfoliation, Fragile Skin, Health Problems, Hereditary, Hormones, High/Low Blood Pressure, Medication, No Reason at All, Physical Trauma, Pregnancy, Respiratory Conditions, Rosacea, Scar Tissue, Sensitivity, Spectacle Wearing, Smoking, Sports, Squeezing Skin, Temperature Extremes, UV Light, X Rays.

How much can you do in a session?

This is very much dependent on the severity of the problem. It is also dependent on the location of the blemish(es) sensitivity & reaction of the skin. We always try to get a happy medium between complete everything in one sitting & never treating to the detriment of the skin. The most commonly asked for appointment is 30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

Well, it’s not a pampering facial treatment, but it’s also not the worst thing ever.  Clients tend to describe capillary treatment as ‘hot pinpricks’

I have lots of broken facial veins, what will I look like afterwards?

Your face may feel hot & ‘windburnt’ The area treated will be slightly swollen & flushed.  Our cooling aftercare gel helps with this.

Will I need repeat appointments?

Very possibly.
If for instance, you have a lot of broken facial veins it is simply not possible (or client/skin friendly) to treat them all in one sitting.  In this case we simply rebook another appointment for you when appropriate.

Is this a permanent treatment?

For some vascular blemishes? Yes.
However, it is vital to keep in mind that vascular blemishes are caused by continual dilation and contraction (created by your heart beat) of the tiny blood vessels just under the skin. The aim with any thread vein treatment is to provide a good visible reduction after each treatment.
Clients tend to have this treatment 2-3 times each year to keep looking their best.

I am on medication. Can I have treatment?

This will be covered when you complete your medical questionnaire on your first appointment. Some medications are ‘contra-indicated’ to this treatment but this is rare. Some auto-immune conditions can slow healing.

I am diabetic. Can I have treatment?

Insulin dependent diabetic clients will need a signed and stamped letter of approval from either their diabetic nurse or GP before treatment can start.

I am pregnant. Can I have treatment?

Congratulations! We don’t recommend any treatment for the first 3 months of your pregnancy. After that, fibrous blemishes can be removed (neck upwards) but we tend not to treat anything vascular.  As the blood volume within the body increases so much during pregnancy broken capillaries (red/thread veins) are incredibly common. But, these usually subside back to normal shortly after the birth.

Will I be left with any marks?

Not once healed, which for some clients can take a couple of weeks. But we do require you to follow aftercare instructions.

Can I wear makeup afterwards?

Please don’t for the first 24-48hrs. After that – absolutely! But only pure Mineral Makeup please.

What about aftercare?

Please do not touch the treated area! During the first 24 hours and only if necessary, the area may be gently cleansed. Pat the area dry with paper tissues, do not rub with a towel. Apply any recommended aftercare products as advised.

As the area starts to heal, crusting will appear thereby sealing the skin & preventing infection.  These crusts must not be picked off, the skin must be kept clean and dry until they fall off in their own time. After showering please gently pat the area dry.

For thread veins and blood spot treatments, please avoid activities which cause sweating or dilation of the capillaries such as heat, exercise, hot foods or excessive alcohol.

Please avoid these at all costs until the healing process is complete – sunbeds, saunas, jacuzzis, steam treatments, hot baths, hot showers, facial treatments, makeup, perfumed skin care, glycolic products, fake tan. Avoid restricted clothing over treated body areas. Please follow your electrologists recommendations for your treatment plan and aftercare.

Over visible areas that have started to heal sunblock should be worn. We stock AlumierMD SPF’s which are physical broad spectrum blocks (no chemicals) If makeup must be worn, we recommend mineral makeup.

I’m going into the sun soon afterwards. Can I still have treatment?

For vascular blemishes it’s best to wait until you have been back for a fortnight We also highly recommend using a good sunblock over the treated areas before, during and after treatment.

Do you treat all genders and children?

We treat all genders.
Children – under 18’s can be treated but we need their parent/guardian to sign their paperwork and accompany them throughout their appointments. This is subject to initial consult.