Downy Hair Management System – DMK Alkaline Wash

The remarkable Alkaline Wash treatment is designed to treat, reduce and remove unwanted fine, downy hair.  This type of hair is very common over the sides and lower face. This hair growth is usually ultra-fine but can grow long and become quite dense.

The advantage of this treatment is that you can remove large areas of downy hair in one treatment without the discomfort associated with many other hair removal treatments. The alkaline wash does not cause harsh side effects that other methods (such as waxing) present for example, ingrown hairs, skin irritation or blood spotting.

Please click on the image alongside for a more detailed view of the Before & After effect.


  • Upper Lip – £30.00
  • Sides of Face – £45.00
  • Lower Face – £70.00
  • Hands – £45.00


Do I need a patch test?

Yes, a minimum of 48 hours before your initial treatment.

How does it work?

The wash, in the form of a cool paste, is applied to the target area and within a few minutes increases your skin’s pH up to 12/14. At this point the alkaline wash is capable of dissolving dead protein (the hair) Once this action has been completed the area is neutralised and within a few seconds brings the pH back down to normal. This neutralisation stage can feel slightly stingy/tingly but generally only for the first treatment.

What happens to the skin?

Alkaline wash is not discriminative against various proteins, it also dissolves the uppermost layers of dead skin in the area
giving you the most fantastic exfoliation/skin peel. Your skin will become the softest and smoothest you’ll have seen or felt in a long time.

How much can be treated in one session?

As much as an upper lip or chin, or even an entire lower face. 

Is it permanent?

Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal allowed by the FDA to be called permanent. However, the alkaline wash is so successful at destroying shallow follicles which produce fine, downy hair that many people achieve results last last for several months at a time.

I’m having electrolysis, should I swap to this?

Alkaline wash can be combined perfectly with electrolysis, please ask in-clinic regarding your own individual case.

What are the aftercare guidelines?

No real downtime, just some skin TLC.
Do not expose the treated area to sunlight. Do not use makeup for a minimum of 12 hours over the treated area. After this time we recommend mineral makeup.
Please use any aftercare products you have been recommended twice daily for 5 days. This will soothe, hydrate, nourish & also help to speed the turnover of possible ‘sandpaper’ feeling skin. 
Please use sunblock continuously throughout and after your treatments.