January 2021.
We recently changed to a new booking system and we’re about to lose access to the old one. We couldn’t bear to lose all these unpublished reviews. (approx 135? all 5*) Thank you so much for everyone for writing them. They are all very much appreciated

Hi Tina

It looks good at the moment, they are almost cured. I look forward to have another, different treatment, in the future.
Thank you,
P.S 11/10/18
Warts on Fingers

My face is looking great thanks to the recent treatment carried out by yourself.
No issue what so ever.
RC 9/12/18
Mixed Blemishes


Just wanted to thank you again…..all healed up now and looking good. I cannot get over the difference in my skin already from using Alumier products for only a few days. Particularly my neck and decolletage where I’ve been able to use Bright & Clear Solution and Retinol straight away, some of the lines that I’m so conscious of have disappeared already. The products are absolutely astounding.

Once again thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,
G.K 5/11/18
Mixed Cosmetic Blemishes and AlumierMD Skin Care


Hi Tina

I am really happy with the results – the Xanthelasma is so much better thanks to your expertise.  I look in the mirror now and it is not the first thing I see. Hopefully they will not return but if they do I know where to come.

Kind regards K.M 11/10/18


I am 100% satisfied with the result of the treatment I had and l’ve recommended your services a friend.
TH 12/12/18
Seborrhoeic Keratosis


I am well and satisfied with treatment received – both areas are still a little red but smooth. I am sure this will settle over the next month.
HS 11/12/18
Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Very happy with my results and if any more appear anywhere I will definitely be back!

Thank you so much.

R.M. (skin tags)

I absolutely love it, it’s like they were never there! Can’t believe I didn’t do it years ago. Thanks very much
T.K. 17/12/2018
Skin Tags on Neck

OMG Tina!

my facial lines when I smile down my cheeks aren’t there this morning and my jowls are lifted..chin more pointed. amazing.. .thank u thank u… love the result… have a fab day.

Frozen Facial
29 Jan 19

Just to say a big thank you for my treatment earlier, my skin feels baby soft and looks crystal clear.
L.B. 18/12/18 Crystal Clear COMCIT


Hi there,
this is a much belated thank you email!
The blood vessel on my nose is now MUCH less obvious, and while I may call in to have a touch up if this changes in 6 months or so, it is far far reduced from the previous time.
Thanks a million.
All the best”

Very happy with the results after my last appointment and my husband was also very happy with his results. I hope you do not mind but one of our friends asked for your details so you may receive a call from him. I will also contact you after the New Year for another appointment for my husband to get further treatment.

Thank You again Tina and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. 😀
A.H.  12/12/18

Seborrhoeic Keratosis & Skin Tags

Hi Tina.
Thank you for having me as one of your clients. Highly recommend you to everyone I know.
Mixed cosmetic blemishes and Alumier Skin Care


I have been using all the products religiously and have started to notice that my face is starting to glow.  N.A. (AlumierMD skin products and peels)


Thanks Tina, can’t believe how easy it was 🙂
T.K. 7/11/18
Skin Tags on neck

I am absolutely delighted with the results.
C.M 3/10/18
Sebaceous Hyperplasia & a Mole

Very happy with my results and if any more appear anywhere I will definitely be back!

Thank you so much.

R.M. (skin tags)

I am very happy with the results of my treatment and i have recommended you to friends and colleagues.  Thank you for your advice and treatment.
L.M. (skin tags)

Hiya Tina
THANKS so much for treatment.
Healing beautifully!
I’ll get that 5* review done on What Clinic ASAP.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis



I’m so so happy with everything you have done. .. you are so wonderful,  I cannot believe how close I am.

I can’t thank you enough. LS (electrolysis hair removal)


Many thanks for your expert treatment today Tina. No redness at all!
While not a completely pain-free experience, it is very much less painful than my treatment elsewhere – I can actually look forward to coming! PM (electrolysis hair removal)


Tina! I am more than happy with the results. Thank you so much

D.P  9/9/18
Cherry Angioma and skin tags

Dear Tina

Just to say a huge thank you for last night, this morning i am smooth with no adverse effects. Thanks a million.
Take care and have a lovely weekend
Best wishes
LB 08/09/2017

Thanks for a wonderful electrolysis!!!
LS 06.06.2017

Thanks so much. . my face looked so wonderful today. . you are absolutely amazing x
L.S 26.07.2017

Thank you for your time today, it’s been a really positive experience.
I look forward to my next appointment.

Kind regards. A.

I am having electrolysis for facial hair as a key stage of MTF transition. I recommend Tina Sinclair wholeheartedly to other trans women. Tina is highly experienced, has created a clear treatment plan for me, and has fair rates for what is a highly specialized skill.
Five stars. The treatment I am having is part of a highly personal journey, and Tina creates the perfect blend of professional and personal support.
TN 19.07.2017

Hi Tina

All good thank you, hope you are too.
Over the moon with results, healing time was quick.
Absolutely no problems and can’t thank you enough for your time patience and expertise.

A.R. 2/10/2018
Skin Tags on Upper Eyelid

I definitely think there’s a difference in regrowth.  Totally impressed!
LN 02.03.2017

Yesterday I was asked to be a model for an electrolysis training course that Tina was presenting. It was amazing! The practical electrolysis that she demonstrated was perfect. So comfortable and definitely the best I’ve ever experienced. There’s nothing she doesn’t know about electrolysis
NB 03.03.2017


Thanks Tina for a superb treatment from a genuine/caring lady.


                                         Regards D.J.A  07/09/2017

Hi chick
Thank you sooo much for my treatment
My confidence has come back and I feel re invigorated
The area is healing well, and I am sooo happy that you did the procedure
See you soon  GW 05.09.2017


**AlumierMD Advanced Pro-Peel**

“HUGE thank you Tina.. . OMG my skin looks amazing.. the last 2 days I’ve not worn concealer when out walking to Tesco.. . I’ve not gone out without concealer round my nose in over 2 yrs. Honestly Tina.. thank u so much my skins not been like this for such a long time”

Hello Tina, just to confirm that the treatment was a huge success and I am thrilled with the results, best wishes
JP 15.06.2017

Marie K: I totally agree Tina wished I had start my treatment earlier. Only had two session so far but feel we are making progress. Don’t feel as self conscious anymore. Thanks Tina

Tina: Absolutely my pleasure xxx

Marie K: Wished I had started earlier a few treatments in and already feel a 100 times better about this issue.
Don’t hesitate book today worth every penny thanks Tina

Tina: Thank you so much for your kind words Marie K xxx

{My previous clinic} –  no adverse effects at all, but somehow… can’t put my finger on it… doesn’t compare with the premier experience you provide! The treatment itself is actually more painful, I’m sure.
KR 04.06.2017

Really happy with the results and dont feel like i need a follow up! Thanks very much for everything youve done. Grest results!  C.R.

Facial Thread Veins

Dear Tina,

Everything seems to be healing up well and I am excited to see it all clear soon.
I really want you to know how much I appreciate your work.  You did such a beautiful job.  Your work more than exceeded my expectations!  I have such an extraordinary amount of cherry angiomas on the trunk of my body.  When I contacted you I was hoping to get the larger more ‘freakish’ spots removed.  I never thought I could find anyone who would be willing to work as hard as you did to remove so many. I have experienced years of embarrassment because of the hundreds of bright red spots on my body.  I don’t go swimming in public or wear any clothing that may expose them for fear that people will think I’m ill.  I am just so excited that I won’t have to worry about that any more.  I feel a wonderful sense of freedom!  Thanks for such a great gift!

Thanks again for everything.  You have made my life a little better!



I’ve been a model for Tina on the Sterex Transgender Course since February 2009 where, as lead consultant, she demonstrates genital electrolysis on me for Professionals to learn about Trans clients and practice on the areas that need hair removal prior to (GRS) gender reassignment surgery. I’ve also been a model for my local College and have had a lot of professionals work me but I have to say that Tina is without doubt outstanding. Tina has worked on me both facial and genital. I passionately recommend her to everyone especially Trans girls. I’ve never come across anyone who knows more about electrolysis than Tina. She knows everything about our care pathway, funding, timescale and most importantly electrolysis at its best. I wish her all the best for the future and keep up the good work. Thanks for everything …  Jo